The best solution for managing your site and domains

Easily manage all your sites

Say goodbye to unmanageable Excel files, Say hello to the site management application !

With LOWM, you can manage all your sites, your network, and those of your customers... For each site you can indicate different information (hosting, registrar, domain expiration date, technology used. You can even customize the tool to your needs) .


Record every action taken on your sites; improve the monitoring and analysis of your network.
Receive an alert when a problem is detected on your network (unreachable site, invalid https)


Don't look for the location of your websites anymore. Find important information quickly and easily.


Don't forget to renew your domains, sort and filter your domain names to manage them easily, no matter how many Registar.


Your project is under Wordpress, Drupal or another PHP / Ruby / Pyhton framework etc... Find the information easily

We do not store your login and password, only the names of registrars and hosts are saved.


Surveillez si votre site est en ligne ou pas

Who the application is for LOWM ?

Web Agency

Optimise the management of your customers and their websites. Our time-saving tool for finding all your customers' web information.

SEO Consultant & SEO Agency

Easily manage and record hundreds of sites. LOWM is the compass of your network !


Whether you have 10 sites or 100, optimise the management of your clients and their projects: save time for the tasks that really matter !